My name is Revan Chiaramonte i am 20, and i am an artist for the love of it in every sense i can think of. i would like to get better at every bit of work i get to do, this is a page dedicated to my painting of warhammer figures and maybe some personal art of mine. ill decide as i go. but for now im going to stick to warhammer. i will start trying to take commission work if anyone wants just message me and we will talk. but other then that, i am completely self taught. and no i do not use a magnifier glass when i do this. its all natural. also i have only been painting warhammer stuff for about a moth and a week rite now. also so you all know i will do requests for armys as well as individuals. we will figure out everything if you message me for more info

23rd October 2013

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I am the Hammer,
I am the edge of His Sword,
I am the tip of His Spear,
I am the mail about His Fist,
I am the flight of His Arrows,

I am the right hand of my Emperor,
I am the instrument of His will,
I am His Sword as He is my Armor,
I am His Wrath and He is my Zeal,
I am the Bane of His Foes and the Woes of the Treacherous,

Let us be His Shield,
Let us speak His Word as He fuels the Fire of Devotion,
Let us fight His Battles, as He fights the Battle at the end of time,
And let us join Him there, for Duty ends not in Death, 
In Vengeance be true, In Valor be Strong,

I am the Hammer,
I am the Sword,
I am the Spear,
I am the Shield,
I am the soldier at the End of Time. 

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